The Flywheel

December 9, 2016

NEXT MEETING: December 9, 2016
No lunchtime meeting. Holiday party at 5 at Richmond Art Center.

Holiday Cocktail Party

Last year's Holiday Party at the Richmond Art Center

Last year’s Holiday Party at the Richmond Art Center

Instead of our usual lunch time meeting, this Friday we’re gathering at the Richmond Art Center (2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond) at 5 PM to enjoy camaraderie over drinks and party food. Expect a lot of mutual congratulations on our very successful auction last week.

This is a chance to relax with other members without the time constraints imposed by the usual meeting business and guest speakers. We hope you can make it.


  • As we mentioned above, there will be no lunch meeting this Friday. Instead please come to the Holiday Cocktail Party at the Richmond Art Center (2540 Barrett Ave, Richmond),  5PM.
  • No meeting on Friday, Dec. 23rd
  • No meeting on Friday, Dec. 6th
  • Friday, Jan. 6th is first meeting of New Year.
  • David Hammer’s (El Sobrante Rotary)/District 5790’s 8-day Los Puentes/Honduras Water Project has been postponed. A new date sometime after February 2017 is forthcoming. If you would like to participate in or want more information about this project, please contact David Hammer at ). More information.

MEETING OF December 2, 2016


Using his “outside voice” to seize the attention of a jovial throng of Rotarians and their guests, President Josh Surowitz kicked off today’s meeting, whose main business was the Holiday Auction. Josh quick-stepped the meeting through the regular order, beginning with Sid Chauvin’s thought-for-the-day: “Marriage changes passion. Suddenly, you are on bed with a relative,” followed by an Invocation that somehow failed to reach the back of the room. (No matter, it never changes.) OK, on to recognizing a happy gaggle of Visiting Rotarians and Guests. We enjoyed the packed house.

Recognitions and Happy and Sad Dollars

Guests who attended the Auction were Zelpha Chauvin (Sid’s guests), Doreen Covell (Hank Covell), Darlene Quinville and Nick Lawlis (Jon Lawlis), Jason Hanson (James Lee), Susan Lambert (Stacey Street), Phyllis Brown (Erle Brown), Yasmin Kotvar, Gary Clarke, and Valerie Munoz (Pam Jones), Jeff Lee, Ann Killenbrew, David Schoenthal, John Ziesenhenne, and Shirley Butt (Mayor Tom Butt), Jeff Gannon, Clara Rae Genser, Elaina Genser, Sandi Genser Maack, and Lynn Maack (Joshua Genser), Karen Jewell (Mark Howe), Cindy Winter (Michael Winter), Aaron Winer, Gina Fromer, and Gerald Hansett (Don Lau), Kara Worthy (Oscar Garcia), Cheryl Maier (Bob Dabney), and Byron Brown (Jan Brown).

We also welcomed visiting Rotarians: Neville Guard (San Ramon), Jamie Cepernich (Pinole), and Mack Robinson (Pinole).


auction-drum-2016_250Live and silent bidding distributed an embarrassment of riches to the highest bidders: trips to Mexico, events, vacation homes, restaurant gift certificates, tours, wine, and many other exciting offerings. Thanks to the tremendous generosity of our members and their guests, our club raised some $35,000. The money will help fund local and international projects, including support for local schools and non-profit organizations. Members of the Richmond Fire Department walked out with a sleigh full of donated toys for their toy drive. One firefighter—sorry, we missed recording his name—auctioned off what promises to be an amazing firehouse dinner, raising still more money for bikes for kids.

Thanks to all of you for attending and contributing. You are all humanitarians!

And thanks to Shana Bagley, who, despite the revelry of the event, noted the absence of a designated scribe, put pen to paper, and recorded these notes.

-Shana Bagley Howe, Rotating Scribette